Will SRSP respond to illegal revenue changes made


The famed SRSP that quenched the thirst of millions of people is subjected to land grabbings by illegal mutations of certain people who have got entries in revenue records of the lands that belong to the SRSP.

In Brief :

The SRSP authorities of the Irrigation department have compensated erstwhile pattedars  in 1982 -83of survey number 42,Mattewada shivar,Warangal.The remaining land was sold to others,and thereafter no land remained with the pattedars.

The revenue records show that S.no 42 extent as 6.03 acres  and out of whichapproximately  1.22 acres were lost under the canal.

Under 42 /AA(Extent 24 guntas) – 18 guntas were lost .As the pattedar  died  years ago,the possessor was compensated for the same.

But in 2007,2009 two Proceedings were given for the extent 0f 24 guntas to two people -for full extents of 24 guntas

1)R.Chandra shekar vide PB No 250

2)Gandrathi Bikshapathy       and Sheshala venkateshwarlu,12 guntas each respectively

hrough fabricated documents produced for the title.


Factually the erstwhile pattedars sold the remaining land,post canal land acquisition   to others in 1981 itself.But the above Revenue entries for the lands already compensated b y the SRSP clearly shows intentions of them.

The SRSPAuthorities were  requested  inform Revenue authorities to delete illegal mutations , the names under the above survey numbers which factually belongs to the SRSP.






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