MICROSOFT opens NOKIA`s Door and How big is the WINDOW of opportunity ?












Nokia`s tryst with destiny ended  as Microsoft bought this towering mobile making giant.

Nokia is   a  Finnish company which is the second largest mobile handset maker by 2012 quarter,after Samsung .

Nokia ranked world`s largest 274th country with estimated annual revenue to the tune of €30 billion.

Let us analyse the impact  of this deal  on international and Indian market in particular.


Why Nokia lost the craze ?

Until 2-3 years back   Nokia  was a Common -Man`s  mobile   even  resisting  cheap Chinese mobiles.

Nokia loss is  due to  non- switching to the smart phone market which the Samsung ,Micro max and others have done swiftly.

This technological backdrop was huge on Nokia which comprised only 3% smart phone market.

People today are more inclined to the Touch screen features and greater number of android  applications.

As Nokia continue to rely on the Symbian  and failed to hug the android,it sales fell sharply.


How big is the Window of opportunity for the Microsoft ?

Microsoft still needs to  gauze the pulse of  android craze.

Microsoft HIGH END Windows enabled phone do not comprise of mammoth shares  in mobile market.

A Turtle -shell like hard and economic  Nokia 1100 is an inspiration for Microsoft as it was one of the most selling phone.

An equally designed phone  which is cheap to buy and robust with latest android versions and dual SIM,at least 5 Megapixel Resolution is the need of the hour for Microsoft.

If that fails then Microsoft tryst with destiny stops at the door without reaching in to every hand or house.

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