How the Maoist thick red line is breached

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IMG_20131010_122732_1Naxalism   in India and Andhra Pradesh is decades old problem influencing  the homeland security.A careful strategy coupled with an enduring struggle by the CRPF and the state police anti -naxal  sqaud is yielding results which curbed the Moasim and constrained it to the territories of thin Red line. AP police is  in forefront of being a role model in tackling the same.

It is when the Maoist thick line is breached by concerted efforts of various HUMINT  (Human intelligence) agencies that the RED CORRIDOR is made to shrink.The A.P Police is taken as role model over here  .

There are multitude of reasons for this shrinking Maoist influence in the A.P ,which includes :

1.Counter -intelligence and technology,Training.

2.Melting the cocoons :

A.Breaking the supply chain,

B.Dis-interest in public towards Maoism.

C.Decline in Re-reinforcements.

3.Social Vaccum :  Termination of land lord ship

4.System change, Globalization ; Zeal of the general public to go after education  and various employment oppurtunities ,fields


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