Surprised! You find no link ! Well there is..Adolf Hitler`s` infamous ‘DEATH CAMPS’ at Buchenwald ,Germany  were

torture house to thousands of inmates who where tortured by all means and  a final gas-chambered death was eminent.

Similarly in the lines is The VAARTHA OFICE LANE  ,WARANGAL,INDIA where the culprit is the Municipality- The Warangal Municipal Corporation which has rendered the senior citizens a plethora of tortures.

A cluster of 10-15  house lie in this residential area.But many illegal mechanical sheds have sprung illegally and  these comprise of  heavy denting,welding,battery charging  ,Tyre-burning work all that contribute to the  severe sound  and  air pollution torture for all the senior citizens  of whom some are bedridden,speechless and paralytic and  suffer from Heart diseases.

Also the auto-wallah`s too  turn their MUSIC-DECKS to aggravate the situation.

Numerous complaints were unanswered and the residents live in fear as attacks on their houses are too common as they are the the complainants on  the illegal encroachments by these mechanical sheds  adjacent and in the Islamia College of Arts and Sciences,which do not pay a Paisa .On the contrary, the residents pay thousands in the from of taxes!

A s per the norms this area is a residential zone,ut due to official malfeasance and corruption the septuagenarian residents are facing torture and due to their age they cannot confront these mechanics who are disturbing their peace and at nights these sheds are a hub for these alcoholics.

All registered complaints  to the concerning departments,Ministry.were unanswered .

The residents of the locality made a fervent appeal to the Municipality again and for which a seemingly name sake notice wis perhaps issued  and that too verbally as the municipal officers claim.

An RTI  disclosure regarding the same is in awaited to list out the corrupt officers who are inert to the residents plea.



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