Back and Neck pain are the most common health problems now


Back and Neck Pain are the most common health problems

It is as common as the common cold or drinking coffee or tea. Back and Neck pain are the most common health problems now, and its an unforgiving reality.

When you are diagnosed with back and neck pain, be sure about its cause -Whether its muscle, disc or joint related or any other as treatment should be accordingly done.

It was uncommon in the previous decades, however, its more  common these days  and the culprits are :

1.Lack of exercises.

2.Sedentary lifestyles

3.Frequent traveling in rugged roads.

4.Improper postures.

5.Occupational problems and,


7.Psychogenic cause



Involves disc injuries due to  accidents,Tumors  other causes

Disc injuries may manifest as

1.Disc bulge

2.Disc Prorusions:




Disc extrusions:

Nondiscogenic :

Involving muscles or other soft tissues of the spine including bones and adjacent structures


Cause :

The lack of exercises is the primary reason topping all the above.Obesity and Lifestyle changes do  have a huge impact on your pain

However, sometimes even if the person is athletic enough and without any physical or structural problems back and neck pain can be seen as it can be purely psychogenic or due to chronic depression.

Recent Trends:

There is an increasing trend in visits to the orthopedics and Physiotherapists these days. With most visits from 20 to 50 years above, only for the neck pain due to cervical spondylosis .

The lumbo sacral disc anomalies leading to sciatica and low back pain also are the cause for frequent visits to the clinic.

The recent age group to fall under back and neck pain category are mostly between 20 and 45 years category , who are showing an increasing trend . The only reason attributed to it is clinging to smart phones ,laptops at work with  no proper ergonomic seating or postures.

For the people aged above 50 years, Neck pain is followed by Back pain (disco genic and arthritic causes ) which is a however  related to degenerative causes

Solutions for Back and Neck pain:


For ages between 20 to 45 years :

.Regular exercises, Yoga.

.Proper postures and ergonomic seating.

.Reduce or modifying the  utility of smart phones to optimal levels

.Rest with exercises schedule


.Allopathy Drugs (But with side effects)

.Ayurvedic and Homoeopathy (To some extent, it can control pain without any side effects)

.Physiotherapy :

1.Isometrics to neck and Back

2.Stetching exercises to the neck and back muscles .

.Surgery (Not Advisable in all cases)

For the people aged above 50 years:

1.Rest while in severe pain.

2.Mild stretching and Yoga and Meditation



5.Alternative remedies like Ayurveda or Homoeopathy other than Allopathy to avoid side effects of drugs.


Finally, the recent rise in visits of all age groups to the Physiotherapy clinics suggests that it is the only panacea for the back and neck pain.





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