a martyr


a martyr




Pakistani Jails reflect the Hitlers Concentration Camps  during World war Two ,where hundreds & thousands  were tortured to death and confinity.

Sarabjits  enduring fight to see the light only  resulted in his  unfortunate death by the instinctively murderous Pakistani regime.

How many more Sarabjits ?Will there be light in the those tunnels.

Pakistan has oppressed the rights of an approximately 1184Indians in  their dark den jails.

As per the Defence Minister A.K. Antony , 54  Indian military personnel missing since the 1965 and 1971 wars are believed to be in Pakistani custody.

Mostly  uneducated  fisher men  fall prey to the Pakistani authorities ,unknowingly as they cannot  judge the demarcation of  the international  boundaries in high sea lanes.

As on  January 7, 2012, Pakistan released 183 Indian prisoners and 179 Indian fishermen.

The numbers are deceptive from them as many more could be  shifted to Pakistan friendly countries like Oman.The Indian government is still pursuing  this  long stretch.

Mostly the pretext of spying is  reasoned for Indians drifting unknowingly and jailed  for the rest of life.


What  is fed specially for the  Indians jailed? As  the hospitality of  the Pakistan  lies more inclined in  its hostility towards India ,the misery is reflected upon the  jailed Indians.Some are fed with glass pieces in the chapathis,as one  Shri.Surjeet Singh who was released reported to the Indian media.


Momentary reactions  that recede like a  tide.This  is how we   react to Pakistani breach of international laws and the ensuing policy  of barbaric actions.

A joint inspection was done , but will  a thief allow a genuine policing and an enquiry  on him  and that too  in his  own premises to  go fair ?.There will be no paucity of time  for him, by the time joint inspection is carried,a one- sided dramatization evolves,and Pakistan prevails as usual  feigning ignorance and shifts the jailed.

Pakistan’s president had pardoned sarabjit on the basis of his petition filed on 28 May 2012. However within hours the pardon was revoked with  the government  shamelessly clarifiying that another prisoner, Surjeet Singh, had been pardoned and not Sarabji

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