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    There is an increasing trend in people succumbing to kidney stones ,also called Renal stones.
    There are various known and efficiently working remedies and diet for  kdi==idney stones.
    Kidney stones – Symptoms :
    Increase in Non vegeterian diets,mostly chicken
    Alcohol uptake of beer beverages
    Surgical Interventions :
    Recovery Patterns:
    Ayurvedic:If stone size is below   ,it dissolves in

  • IGNOU online admissions are pathetic
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    IGNOU the only reputed university with global presence form India is showing pathetic response and management towards its online admissions.
    Students need to duly fill forms and pay through online mode only, as the IGNOU admits the same.
    However, when duly filled and paid onlin e ,the IGNOU does not register the admissi on,though the amount is debited.
    Frantic […]

  • Back and Neck pain are the most common health problems now
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    It is as common as the common cold or drinking coffee or tea. Back and Neck pain are the most common health problems now, and its an unforgiving reality.
    When you are diagnosed with back and neck pain, be sure about its cause -Whether its muscle, disc or joint related or any other as treatment should be accordingly done.
    It […]

  • USA caught between North korea and pakistan
    USA sandwiched between the two North Koreas
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    USA sandwiched between the two North Koreas :

    The USA is sandwiched between the two North Koreas, and  it is  true.The world has two North Koreas – One is the True North Korea and the other its shadow,the Pakistan.
    The world is with emerging risk of two clandestine Siamese twins who have sworn an oath to […]

  • Will SRSP respond to illegal revenue changes made
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    The famed SRSP that quenched the thirst of millions of people is subjected to land grabbings by illegal mutations of certain people who have got entries in revenue records of the lands that belong to the SRSP.
    In Brief :
    The SRSP authorities of the Irrigation department have compensated erstwhile pattedars  in 1982 -83of survey number 42,Mattewada shivar,Warangal.The […]

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